Sailfish Firmware Distribution

 To download the latest version of the Sailfish / Jetty Firmware, in ReplicatorG - Sailfish:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of ReplicatorG - Sailfish. ReplicatorG - Sailfish may be downloaded from the Sailfish "Thing" at Note that you must have at least ReplicatorG 40r30 - Sailfish.
  2. Select ReplicatorG - SailfishPreferences
  3. Choose Advanced
  4. Check that the "Firmware update URL"  field shows
  5. Click close
  6. Choose Machine / Upload new firmware
  7. Update your firmware
Full installation and setup directions may be found at http://sailfishfirwmare/doc/install.html
Note 1: If you are looking for the Sailfish / Jetty Firmware Source code, you can find that here:

Note 2: If you are looking for Pre-Release versions of the firmware, use: