Portions of this documentation were adapted from earlier works by Jetty and Dan Newman. Special thanks to Ryan Carlyle for providing editing assistance; Mr. Carlyle’s expertise is greatly appreciated. And further thanks are due to these companies and individuals for their generous contributions, which made the production of this documentation possible.


Magicfirm Europe AB, Makers of the ZYYX 3D Printer,
RAFFLE (Carl Raffle), Maker of 3D printers, components and upgrade parts,


Guido Alphen
Ted Bäckman
Federico Boldori
Scott Booker
Jake Bordens
Joseph Brunson
Perry Cain
Chris Chavez
Joseph Chiu
Gary Crowell
Scott Davies
Ward Elder
EmbeddedJunkie, aka Juan Gutierrez
Mike Hellers
Clinton Hoines
Anna Kaziunas France
David Lancaster
Christopher Matthes
Erik Mendoza
Laird Popkin
Fred Stahmer
Gregory Sullivan
Richard Webb
Scott Wells
Bradley Wong