2.3 Starting a Print

pictImportant Do not leave your printer operating unattended! Unless your printer manufacturer expressly states that your printer supports unattended operation, you must not allow it to operate unsupervised. There have been cases of 3D printers failing and burning themselves down. Unattended printing carries significant risk to life and property. Be Safe!


Most printers ship with an SD card containing sample prints. For your first print choose a sample that only requires the use of a single extruder. If such a card was not supplied, then you will need to obtain a model and prepare it for printing with a slicer. Explaining this procedure is outside the scope of this document due to the numerous variables arising from printer, slicer, etc. variations.

Insert the SD card into the printer’s SD card slot, and then turn on the printer. From the main menu of the LCD screen select the “Print From SD” option, select the file you wish to print — note that, if there are more than four files on the SD card, you may have to scroll down — and then the print will begin.3 The print monitor screen will be generated; for more details see Section 3.4.

3For more details on navigating the “Print From SD” menu, finding hidden files, and making your files accessible see Section 3.3.