9.7 Special Gcode Commands

The following gcode commands are recognized by ReplicatorG – Sailfish as well as any slicers which use GPX to convert gcode to S3G/X3G.

Pause at ZPos: M322 Zzzz.zz
With the above command, the printer will pause printing when the Z height attains or exceeds the value zzz.zz. While you may insert multiple M322 commands, only the last one seen prevails. That is, a M322 command when encountered in gcode processing by the printer overrides any previous, active M322 command. Consequently, multiple uses of M322 in the same gcode file only make sense when a second M322 is placed later on in the gcode, after the Z height has exceeded the Z height called for by any prior M322 command. If a Pause at ZPos setting is made from the printer’s front panel, it will override any previously seen M322 command. Likewise, if a M322 command is encountered after a Pause at ZPos is set from the front panel, then the front panel setting will be discarded.
Enable acceleration: M320 (Replicator), M126 (Thing-o-Matic)
To enable acceleration, use a M320 gcode command for Replicators and M126 for Thing-o-Matics.
Disable acceleration: M321 (Replicator), M127 (Thing-o-Matic)
To disable the use of acceleration, issue a M321 gcode for Replicators and a M127 for Thing-o-Matics. When acceleration is disabled, the printing speeds called for in the gcode will be ignored and the maximum speed changes used instead.
Auto-leveling points: M131 A, M131 B, M131 AB
Save the current (X,Y,Z) position as the probe point P1 (M131 A), P2 (M131 B), or P3 (M131 AB). This states that at the current (X,Y) position, the probed height is the current Z value.
Auto-leveling activate: M132 AB
Once the three points P1, P2, and P3 have been probed and stored, auto-leveling may be activated with the gcode command M132 AB.