Chapter 9
Little Details

Most readers may wish to skip this chapter, in which we discuss the finer points of a few important aspects of 3D printing. These points are not unique to Sailfish and apply to 3D printing in general, although the terminology may differ from printer to printer, as from firmware to firmware.

Understanding of the material in this chapter is not critical to successful 3D printing. However, at some point in your 3D printing career, you may find something here which answers a nagging question. Or not.

 9.1 Z Home Offset
 9.2 Toolhead Offsets
 9.3 S3G and X3G
 9.4 Why the First Move Might Not Be Accelerated
 9.5 Firmware Auto-Leveling
 9.6 Commissioning Your Own Printer
 9.7 Special Gcode Commands