6.5 MakerBot MakerWare & Desktop and onboard parameters

As mentioned previously, all the common slicers may be used with Sailfish, including MakerBot MakerWare and MakerBot Desktop. Moreover, MakerBot Desktop comes with the necessary “EEPROM maps” to set “onboard parameters” in Sailfish. This means that you do not need to use ReplicatorG for checking or changing onboard parameters: you may use Desktop. However, MakerWare 2.4 lacks these maps. But you can install them yourself by downloading them from the Sailfish “Thing” at thingiverse.com. Look for the MakerWare EEPROM maps in the download list. It is a “zip” file which you may download, unpack, and then install as per the directions in the README.txt file included in the package.