4.7 Lighting (RGB LED)

Some printers come equipped with RGB LED lighting strips to light the printing bay. The printer controls this lighting, and sets the colors which appear. The settings for these lighting strips may only be controlled from your computer, most comfortably from ReplicatorG’s “Onboard Preferences” window, accessed from its “Machine” menu. MakerWare and Desktop may also be used, but not as conveniently.

Three aspects of the lighting may be controlled:

The choice of color: white (0), red (1), orange (2), pink (3), green (4), blue (5), purple (6), off (7), and custom (8). The default selection is white. Use “off” (7) to turn the lighting off. When using MakerWare or Desktop, you will need to use the listed numeric values with the “Basic Color” setting.
A custom color will be used when you set the color choice to “custom” (8). When using ReplicatorG, a “color picker” allows selection of a color from a palette. From MakerWare and Desktop, you must provide an RGB value as three integers, each in the range 0 – 255.
You can elect to have the lighting cycle from blue (cool) to red (hot) as each heater heats up. Once heating is complete and the printer begins printing, the lighting switches back to the normal color choice that has been set (or white if none has been set). In MakerWare and Desktop this appears as the option “Led Heat”. In ReplicatorG, this is the “show heating progress by changing the lighting color” checkbox.