Chapter 8

This chapter addresses common printing issues specific to Sailfish.

 8.1 Common Issues
  8.1.1 The left extruder prints too far to the side
  8.1.2 Incorrect target temperatures
  8.1.3 Extruder cannot reach temperature
  8.1.4 Fast, violent motion
  8.1.5 Prints start off the platform
  8.1.6 Printer is skipping or missing steps
  8.1.7 Leveling script does not move the extruder
  8.1.8 Printer homes in the wrong direction
 8.2 SD Card Difficulties
  8.2.1 Printer cannot read the SD card
  8.2.2 Missing SD card files
  8.2.3 Prints from SD cards stop without finishing
 8.3 Dualstrusion
  8.3.1 Dualstrusion prints poorly aligned
  8.3.2 Dualstrusion prints have too much color bleed
 8.4 Thing-o-Matics and Cupcakes
  8.4.1 ReplicatorG shows a tool count of -1
  8.4.2 The print starts with the extruder too far above the platform
  8.4.3 3 mm extruder seems to be depriming too much
  8.4.4 No plastic comes out of the extruder
  8.4.5 The HBP temperature climbs during a print