3.2 Main Menu

The main menu (Figure 3.3) is your base of operations. When it appears, the screen should have a title line displaying the name of the printer; you may change this name with either ReplicatorG or MakerWare. The next three lines allow you to print from a memory card (i.e., an SD card), preheat your printer, and access the printer’s utilities.


Figure 3.3: Main Menu

You navigate the menus by using the keypad (Figure 3.4) on the front of the printer, which is generally located near the LCD screen:


Figure 3.4: Keypad

The up and down keys allow you to scroll through the list, which wraps around (so, if you scroll down from the bottom of the list you will return to the top of the list).
The center key (which, on some printers, has an “M” printed on it) allows you to select the item that has an arrow pointing to it. In Figure 3.3 this is the “Print from SD” item. You can also dismiss any error message by pressing this key, which will then return you to the main menu.
The left key allows you to exit a menu and return to the previous menu. Note that many menus have an “Exit Menu” option that will also return you to the previous menu.
Within the Jog Mode (Section 3.7.13), Profiles: Change Name (Section 3.7.9), and Pause at ZPos (Section 3.4.3) menus where the right key is used, its function is described. Otherwise, pressing the right key will reinitialize and repaint the LCD screen.