3.6 Preheat Menu

This menu can be used to begin heating your printer without starting printing. Doing this directly before starting a print will reduce the time it takes for the print. The screen generated varies depending on the number of extruders that your printer has. A dual extruder set-up should display a screen similar to the one depicted in Figure 3.22. Note that the “Platform” line will only appear if your printer is equipped with a heated build platform.


Figure 3.22: Preheat Menu

To turn a heater on or off scroll to its line and then press the center key to toggle it between “ON” and “OFF”. Then, once you have set which heaters you wish to have on, select the option “Start Preheating”. The enabled heaters will begin heating and the “Monitor Mode” screen will be generated. The “Monitor Mode” screen can also be found under the “Utilities” menu, and is discussed Section 3.7.1. This screen should be similar to the one depicted in Figure 3.23.


Figure 3.23: Preheating

The top bar measures the preheating progress. The current temperatures (in Celsius) of all the heating elements will be displayed next to the target temperatures in the form current temperature/target temperature. Once the target temperature has been reached, a short tune will be played. The target temperature may be changed in the “Preheat Settings” item in the “Utilities” menu, Section 3.7.3. The screen will display “waiting” if an element has not begun heating yet. Some printers with smaller power supplies, such as genuine MakerBots, do not heat the extruders until the heated build platform has reached temperature.3

You may dismiss the monitor and return to the main menu by pressing either the center or left key.

If the heaters are already running, then the first line of the Preheat screen will read “Turn Heaters OFF,” as shown in Figure 3.24.


Figure 3.24: End Preheating

By selecting this you turn off all the heaters and return to the “Monitor Mode” screen, Figure 3.23. The first line there will now display the printer’s name and the following lines will show only the current temperatures.

3Also, MakerWare and Simplify3D will not even send commands to heat the extruders until the heated build platform has finished heating.