3.3 Print from SD Menu

This menu allows you to print items you have already saved on an SD card (also called a flashcard), which provides you the ability to print without connecting your printer to a computer. When you open this menu, you should see a list of the items saved on your SD card. An example menu is shown in Figure 3.5. The last item on the menu is an “Exit Menu” shortcut that will return you to the main menu.


Figure 3.5: SD Menu

If instead, you see the error message “SD card not present” then you need to insert an SD card into your printer.

If the error message “Unable to read this SD card format. Reformat as FAT-16 or FAT-32” is displayed, then you need to remove your SD card and reformat it. The SD card must be formatted as FAT-16 or FAT-32. Unlike standard MakerBot firmware (which only supports FAT-16 on SDSC cards of 2 GB or less), any capacity of SD card may be used, including SDSC (standard capacity), SDHC (high capacity), and SDXC (extended capacity) cards. Note that many new SD cards now come formatted using the proprietary, licensed “eFAT” format. Sailfish does not support this format as implementation requires licensing from Microsoft. If you have difficulty with a new SD card, you may wish to check its format on your computer, reformatting it as “FAT” if necessary.

To print an item, scroll to it and then press the center key; this will start the printing of the model, displaying the print monitor screen. If you are unable to see or print an item saved on your card, you should reformat the files on the SD card. Items should be saved as .x3g or .s3g files (not case sensitive) with filenames 31 or fewer characters including extension. It is best to use simple filenames that do not include spaces, accents, or other special characters.1

If you are still unable to find an item, it may be in a folder. In Figure 3.5 the item “Toys” is a folder, as indicated by the solid triangle. Folders can be opened by pressing the center key, which will take you to a submenu (See Figure 3.6). For this reason, folders are useful organizational tools if you have many items on your SD card.


Figure 3.6: SD “Toys” Submenu

Note that if you either press the left key or select the return symbol from within a folder, you return to the previous folder or screen, while the “Exit Menu” shortcut returns you to the main menu. For your convenience, if you have returned to the main menu from the “Exit Menu” shortcut, when you return to the “Print from SD” menu, you return to whichever folder you had been in. Note that if you remove the SD card and reinsert it this folder state is lost. Likewise, the folder state is lost when you power off your printer.

1Note that .s3g is an older type of file, so you may wish to consider regenerating any .s3g files on your computer as .x3g files.