3.1 Splash Screen

Every time you power on your printer, the LCD screen should be similar to the one pictured in Figure 3.1. This splash screen only lasts for a few seconds, so you may miss seeing it.


Figure 3.1: Splash Screen

If, however, you should instead see a screen with two horizontal black bars (as pictured in Figure 3.2), then your printer either does not have firmware loaded or has an electrical problem.


Figure 3.2: Bad News

The splash screen contains the following information:

The Thingiverse “Thing” number 32084.
The type of microprocessor in your printer: an ATmega 1280 or 2560.
The date the firmware was built in year/month/day format.
The version and revision numbers.

If you miss seeing the splash screen, much of this information may also be found in the “Version Information” item under the “Utilities” menu, Section 3.7.22.

After a few seconds, the splash screen is dismissed and replaced by the main menu, Section 3.2.