Chapter 3
Front Panel Operation

Since 2012, MakerBot printers and their clones have included a built in user interface comprised of a LCD screen and a five-button keypad. With this user interface, the printer can be operated without the use of a computer.

This chapter describes the operation of Replicator-style printers through this built-in interface.

For users of Thing-o-Matics with “Gen 4 LCD interfaces”, please refer to the “Pages Archive” of the MakerBot Wiki found at There, documentation for the Thing-o-Matic LCD interface may be found as part of the “Jetty Firmware” documentation.

 3.1 Splash Screen
 3.2 Main Menu
 3.3 Print from SD Menu
 3.4 Starting a Print: the Print Monitor & Menu
  3.4.1 Cancel Print
  3.4.2 Pause
  3.4.3 Pause at ZPos
  3.4.4 Change Speed
  3.4.5 Change Temperature
  3.4.6 Change HBP Temp
  3.4.7 Set Cooling Fan
  3.4.8 Set Lights
  3.4.9 Print Statistics
  3.4.10 Cold Pause
 3.5 Completing a Print
 3.6 Preheat Menu
 3.7 Utilities Menu
  3.7.1 Monitor Mode
  3.7.2 Filament Loading
  3.7.3 Preheat Settings
  3.7.4 General Settings
  3.7.5 Level Build Plate
  3.7.6 Home Axes
  3.7.7 Bot Statistics
  3.7.8 Filament Odometer
  3.7.9 Profiles
  3.7.10 Home Offsets
  3.7.11 Toolhead Offsets
  3.7.12 Temperature Sensor Types
  3.7.13 Jog Mode
  3.7.14 Enable/Disable Steppers
  3.7.15 Auto-level Adjust
  3.7.16 Auto-level Variance
  3.7.17 Max Z Probe Hits
  3.7.18 Calibrate Nozzles
  3.7.19 Cooling Fan Power
  3.7.20 Restore Settings
  3.7.21 EEPROM
  3.7.22 Version Information