Chapter 7
Updating Sailfish

From time to time, new releases of Sailfish are made available. Announcements of these releases along with release notes are published by the Sailfish team to the jetty-firmware interest group at These updates usually include new features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. They have generally been field tested for several months beforehand by the Sailfish community; only after they have gone through several months of testing by many volunteers around the world are they “officially” released as non-field test releases. The field test releases are kept separate from the official releases using a different download URL.

At such a time that you wish to update Sailfish, check the release notes to see if there is any special steps you may need to do. Release notes are archived online at

In order to update Sailfish, you will need ReplicatorG 40 – Sailfish. Refer to Section 6.2 for information on obtaining this version of ReplicatorG. Additionally, ReplicatorG must be configured with the Sailfish download location as per Section 6.3.4.

 7.1 Step 1: Obtaining the latest firmware
 7.2 Step 2: Before applying an update
 7.3 Step 3: Update
 7.4 Step 4: Enjoy!

1Sailfish was originally named the “Jetty Firmware” and hence the name of the interest group, jetty-firmware.