Sailfish 7.6 & 4.6 Release Notes

7 January 2014

Sailfish 7.6 & 4.6 Release Notes

  • Sailfish 7.6 for Replicator 1, 2, & 2X
  • Sailfish 4.6 for Thing-o-Matics & Cupcakes
  • ReplicatorG 40r23 - Sailfish

As per the Sailfish Installation Guide, the Sailfish firmware may be obtained using ReplicatorG and pointing the download URL at

The download URL is set via the Advanced section of RepG's Preferences menu. Platform specific distributions of ReplicatorG 40r23 - Sailfish can be found as downloads of Thingiverse Thing 32084.

New for all machines

It is important that when upgrading to Sailfish 4.6 and 7.6, that you must also upgrade to ReplicatorG 40r22 - Sailfish or later. Earlier versions of ReplicatorG will not correctly handle error responses generated by Sailfish 4.6 and 7.6.

For Makerbot printers, this release of Sailfish and ReplicatorG is primarily a maintenance release containing bug fixes. For the FlashForge Creator "clones", this release provides a FlashForge specific build of the firmware and provides FlashForge specific calibration scripts within ReplicatorG.

  1. Default Extruder Hold to off: For Replicators 1, 2, and 2X, the default setting for Extruder Hold is now "off". This has always been the default for Thing-o-Matics. Cupcakes default to "on".
  2. SD card library fix: The SD card library used by both MBI's firmware and Sailfish had a bug whereby upon closing a file on the SD card, the file's header was always rewritten even if there was no need to. When coupled with electrical signalling problems, this could then cause the file to become corrupted. (Replicators are prone to such signalling problems.) This bug in the SD card library has been fixed.
  3. Long print times: To support prints taking longer than 4.17 days to complete, the displayed hours field has been extended from two digits to four digits. (Jetguy has done 5 day long prints.)
  4. USB comms fixes: Additional bug fixes for USB communications handling.
  5. ReplicatorG 40r23 - Sailfish: Updated device drivers and calibration scripts for the FlashForge Creator.

FlashForge Creator Firmware Build

There is now a FlashForge Creator specific build of Sailfish. This build does not pause the extruder heaters while heating the build platform: all three heaters run concurrently. This is permitted for the FlashForge Creator as it ships with a 14.6 Amp power supply capable of driving all three heaters at the same time.

This FlashForge Creator build also knows the 34.0 mm nozzle spacing of the Creator. After upgrading to the FlashForge version of the 7.6 firmware, connect to the bot via USB from ReplicatorG 40r23 - Sailfish. Using the "Machine > Onboard Preferences", check the "X Toolhead Offset" value. If your X Toolhead Offset is between -4.0 mm to +4.0 mm inclusive, then add 1.0 mm to the value. For example, if you use an offset of -1.4 mm then change it to -0.4 mm. If you use an offset of 1.6 mm, then change it to 2.6 mm. If you use an X Toolhead Offset which is larger than 4.0 mm or smaller than -4.0 mm, then you do not need to change your X Toolhead Offset. The Y Toolhead Offset does not need to be changed.

ReplicatorG 40r23 - Sailfish

This latest revision of ReplicatorG - Sailfish includes the following changes,

  1. When printing over USB, the safety warning is only displayed once per ReplicatorG session.
  2. Calibration scripts for the FlashForge Creator are now supplied. For example, a nozzle spacing calibration script tailored to the Creator's 34.0 mm nozzle spacing. These scripts are accessed via the File menu's "Scripts > Calibration" submenu.
  3. A new build of avrdude for OS X is supplied. This addresses a firmware download issue seen on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).
  4. The collection of Windows USB drivers included in the zip file has been updated.

Platform specific distributions of ReplicatorG 40r23 - Sailfish can be found as downloads of Thingiverse Thing 32084.